Spring into your Signage this Season

You’ve heard the warnings about not shopping when you’re hungry. You set foot into the grocery store and all of a sudden, everything looks absolutely delicious…Your stomach has full control of your mind! Did you know that a similar idea is applied by advertisers and stores?

Rather than food (because people are only hungry for so long), advertisers use colors. How many things catch your eye at the store because they’re bright? By combining great packaging with the right colors, a person will have a difficult time resisting the temptation to buy it.


This whole idea of color having the ability to influence people has been around for many centuries – different colors and combinations affect a person’s psyche. In other words, people would feel a certain way when they see a certain color. Of course, every person is different so the colors you’ll find in this post may not be for you. However, if you’re looking to sell something to a friend or client, you may want to check out how these colors influence mood.

Researchers found in color association studies that participants find the color blue to be most trustworthy, red is mostly associated with speed, black emits feelings of “high-quality,” while yellow and orange emit a sense of cheapness.

What’s featured in an ad also appeals to a person’s emotions. Someone can look at something and say, “That’s just lousy!” or “How annoying!” However, there are some ads out there that definitely make a statement. There are even some non-traditional techniques that get a brand out there! We here at Paramount Promotions definitely have an innovative way of helping our clients get their brand out there, especially with our vehicle wraps and inflatables. With these out-of-the-box ideas, it is easier for brands to attract attention. Because let’s face it, attention is good.

Here are a few that we did for some of our clients:

bowlpictramsalsawalmart     escalator

At Paramount Promotions, we want to help you reach your potential and discover which advertising and marketing strategy is going to work best for you.

Paramount Promotions offers exhibition displays, graphics, banner stands, tabletop displays, counters, kiosks and more to help highlight your brand name and services. When marketing your organization among your competitors, our expertise will make your exhibit the absolute best it can be. Paramount Promotions can help you create a “Show Stopping booth” to reach your customers and prospects all at affordable pricing.

We also provide you with expert counsel and guidance so your next trade show can be the most profitable and successful one your organization has ever attended.


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