Overcoming Adversity – Heartfelt Thank You

Last year our path was turned upside down in a matter of minutes due to the effects of a devastating fire that occurred on April 7, 2015.  Through a combination of hard work from our employees and an absolute outpouring of local support from our customers and the overall community, we successfully overcame adversity.

PP New Building v2

We recently finished renovating our new state-of-the-art, 17,000 square foot production facility. This facility provides us with an additional 8,000 square feet of work space allowing us to display finished products for our customers.

We’re continuing to add new materials including fabrics including jersey mesh material, which is very popular for the Bowl Games. Jersey mesh material is lightweight, extremely durable, and great for large scale stadium graphics. With Jersey material there is virtually no cracking, it’s flexible and stretchable and scratch resistant, which is especially important in heavy wind.

CactusBowl Pole Banners (5)

The bowl game season is one of Paramounts’ busiest seasons – In fact, this year alone we had our new facility and loyal staff working around the clock to successfully and efficiently service the Arizona Bowl, Cactus Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Rose Bowl all within a two week period.

We’re excited to work with loyal current and new customers at our new facility, and we’re in a really good place to expand business! Any tragedy is tough for a business to go through and dealing with it can be a nightmare. Core employees, loyal customers, and our excitement to grow are all contributing factors that helped us pull through.

Customers can now benefit from a variety of material selections, which produce projects faster with sharper images at an affordable price. The size of the warehouse has allowed for more storage capacity and has opened up more opportunities for Paramount enabling them to also expand its hardware line. This helps Paramount save customers money, while improving turnaround times with a vast amount of product selections readily available.

Paramount is planning to have a grand opening for its new location to thank all members of the community for their outpouring support in their time of need.

We couldn’t be where we are today without all of this support.

Stay tuned for more details on when the grand re-opening will be; we can’t wait to welcome you and thank you!