Secrets for Show Stopping Tradeshow Booths this Season

Booth designs dictate whether passersby stop in their tracks or continue walking. Distinguishing an organization from its competitors is a must. And a motivated booth staff, while critical to your lead generation success, won’t save you.

The purpose of exhibiting at a trade-show is to get attendees in your booth; from there the magic will take place. For this reason, it’s important that your exhibit is designed in a way that grabs their attention within seconds.

Even if you and your staffers get everything else right, a poor design can sabotage your efforts.

Remember, it is key to keep in mind your target audience and end goal. Here are some secrets from our team at Paramount Promotions that will help you create a “Show-Stopping” Booth!


Unique and Skillful Design

Your goal is to attract the right target audience and prospects with a display that features the benefits of your organization, its products, and services. Remember, this isn’t the time to be clever and coy.

Brand Front and Center

Attendees don’t want to guess what your company offers. Most won’t take the time. Designs must convey your brand quick and clear. Make sure your brand is the centerpiece of your booth and highlight what makes your company different.

Use Simple, Bold Fonts

Bold fonts are easier to read than expressive fonts. The easier your trade show displays are to read, the more likely they’ll grab attendee’s attention; and they’ll be more likely to know instantly what you offer.

Theme it up!

A theme gives your exhibit a more engaging appearance, piquing curiosity while making an impression. Thing along the lines of “Making it Stick” in people’s memories. Make sure your theme complements your brand.


Use Graphics that Stand Out

In order for your graphics to stand out, they must be high quality. A single image and piercing logo combined with a a few key words will successfully convey your brand identity and marketing message. If you need help achieving the right look, Paramount Promotions has a team of designers on hand that can assist you with the design of your graphics.

In order to create a show stopping trade-show booth, it is important to have a plan. At Paramount Promotions, we want to help you reach your potential and discover which advertising and marketing strategy is going to work best for you.

Paramount Promotions offers exhibition displays, graphics, banner stands, tabletop displays, counters, kiosks, custom tents and more to help highlight your brand name and services. When marketing your organization among your competitors, our expertise will make your exhibit the absolute best it can be. Paramount Promotions can help you create a “Show Stopping booth” to reach your customers and prospects all at affordable pricing.

We also provide you with expert counsel and guidance so your next trade show can be the most profitable and successful one your organization has ever attended.

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